Razor Towing & Emergency Roadside Assistance Floyds Knobs, Indiana Location

If you are currently broken down and require Towing Services or Roadside Assistance. Please click the button below for a Tow Truck, or Roadside Assistance Service vehicle to be sent to your location immediately. Our highly trained dispatchers will just need to gather some information from you like Name, vehicle description, locations, phone number.

Using a blue jump box to jump-start a truck

Jump-start Service

Car won't start? Battery discharged? To jump-start a vehicle that has a dead battery means to make the engine start by getting power from the battery of another vehicle, using special cables called jumper cables.

Using a four way lug wrench to change a flat tire

Tire Change Service

Our Flat tire change service is just the thing for you. We come out with our air tank to fill your tire, if we find that it is punctured, and needs replacing. Then we remove the flat tire and install your spare.

Transferring two gallons of gasoline from a gas can to the empty fuel tank of a truck

Fuel Delivery Service

Run out of gas or diesel? Our Fuel delivery service has you covered. One call and we will bring you up to 2 gallons of fuel to have you back on the road in no time. We will even follow you to a gas station. (if asked)

Using a slim Jim to unlock this vehicles door

Car Door Unlock Service

Did you lock your keys in the car? No problem. We have the tools to unlock your car door quick, and damage free on most models to gain entry back into your vehicle. We are not a car Locksmith service.

Car Battery Replacement

Mobile Car Battery Service

We provide mobile car battery testing, cleaning & replacement services for most vehicle makes that have been parked for long periods of time.

Trained Tow Truck Operators = Safer Towing

Some of the Automotive Manufacturers that we tow

Vehicles Towed


Towing Operators

"great service! needed my motorcycle to be towed from the city. they came out on less than 20 min with a flat bed. they were very professional in strapping down my bike for safety. the price was great and overall excellent service"
Donna Maddison
"Mike came in and towed me back home he has only been with the company for 5 days he stated and he did an amazing job. Backed his truck up and got my car up there on the first shot and when he dropped my car off he got it placed down perfectly . I will recommend Mike and this company if they ever ask who should tow them."
Nick Wiers
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